The Share Capital in Moldova

Updated on Monday 20th January 2020

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The-Share-Capital-in-MoldovaIn order to start a business in Moldova, local and foreign investors must respect the provisions of the Company Law. Businesspersons must first select the type of structure they want to operate under and then start the incorporation procedure.

There are several aspects which need to be considered when setting up a company in Moldova and among these one of the most important refers to meeting the share capital requirements imposed under the law. While for some structures there are no minimum share capital requirements, for others, the stockholders must consider the share capital imposed by the Company Law in Moldova.

Below, our company formation agents in Moldova provide for the share capital requirements imposed when registering a business. We can also assist with the incorporation of any type of business form.

Types of companies based on the share capital in Moldova

Under the law, the following types of companies are available for registration in Moldova:

  1. the sole proprietorship which is suitable for small businesses and is not imposed with a minimum amount as a share capital;
  2. the private limited liability company which is the most popular business form and is not subject to minimum share capital requirements;
  3. the joint stock company which is subject to a minimum share capital of around 1,000 euros;
  4. the partnership which can be general or limited and which is not subject to a minimum share capital.

It is important to know that the amount of money to be deposited as a share capital is not the only requirement imposed when opening a company in Moldova, but other requisites apply.

Share capital requirements for private companies in Moldova

The private limited liability company or LLC is the most popular business form in Moldova because it is not imposed with a minimum amount of money to be deposited as a share capital. However, other requirements apply when it comes to setting up this type of company. Among these, it is important to note that the company must have at least one and a maximum of 50 shareholders, and each of them must contribute to the share capital of the Moldavian company.

The share capital must be divided into participation shares which must be allotted to the shareholders. Also, these can contribute to the share capital with money or other assets. The most important aspect to consider when setting up an LLC in Moldova is that if it has one shareholder, the share capital must consist in money. The stockholders decide the minimum amount required to complete the business activities.

The LLC is also required to retain 10% of its share capital as a reserve fund which can be used for altering the capital of the business.

If you want to open a company in Moldova and need guidance, our local consultants can help you.

Share capital requisites for public companies in Moldova

Those who want to open public or joint stock companies must deposit a minimum share capital of 20,000 MDL which is the equivalent of approximately 1,000 euros. These companies must also have at least one shareholder, while the maximum number is unlimited. The contributions can be made in cash or kind, however, it is good to know that contributions in cash must be deposited in the company’s bank account prior to company registration, while asset contributions must be transferred no later than one month after the registration.

Joint stock companies must also have reserve funds representing at least 10% of the share capital.

It is important to note that public companies are usually employed for starting companies in the financial industry and the share capital requirements for undertaking such activities are established by the National Bank and other authorities in this field.

For more information on the requirements which need to be respected when starting a business in the financial sector, our Moldova company formation consultants are at your disposal. We can also help in obtaining EORI numbers in Moldova.

Why set up a company in Moldova?

Moldova is an attractive business destination because of the low share capital requirements imposed by the authorities here. Apart from these, according to a report issued by the World Bank, Moldova’s economic situation has improved in 2018. The report indicates that:

  • - Moldova registered a 4% increase in its Gross Domestic Products in 2018;
  • - the construction sector accounted for one of the highest growths of 1.1% last year;
  • - whole and retail also contributed to the economy, together registering an increase of 1.8%;
  • - imports also increased by 8.9% last year, while the local currency was stronger.

If you want to open a company in Moldova and need assistance, please contact our company formation specialists.


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