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Company Formation Moldova

State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova

Updated on Monday 26th August 2013

What is the State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova?

The State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova has the authority to register all the legal entities incorporated on the Republic of Moldova’s territory. Its main regulation are based on the Law No 220-XVI from 2007.

The State Chamber of Registration has the obligation to keep all the information from the State Register updated, to issue extracts from it to all the interested parties, offer legal assistance to all the entrepreneurs, register all the legal entities. 

Also, a company can check the availability of a name through the online system.

There are 10 offices around the country situated in Chisinau, Balti, Comrat, Cahul, Causeni, Edinet, Soroca, Ungheni, Hincesti and Orhei.

How can a company be registered at the State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova?

The first step before incorporation, a company must register at the State Chamber of the Republic of Moldova, otherwise it cannot conduct business.

The procedure is quite easy; the entrepreneur must apply with some information such as: the proof of the registration tax payment, a copy of the entrepreneur’s ID, a standard application for registration form.

The Articles of Association of a company must include the following: the company name, the formation data, type of business, the amount of the total share capital and the amount of contribution of each shareholder, head office’s details and details regarding the way the company should be liquidated or reorganized. The State Chamber is supporting the companies to elaborate these Articles.

After the submission of these documents along with the proof that the minimum share capital was deposited in a bank account, the State Chamber issues a Certificate of Registration.

All the documents must be notarized and translated into Romanian (in case there are in a foreign language).

How to look for information in the State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova?

The information from the State Chamber is available against payment. The request can be made in person or by telephone. The interested person must submit the following in order to receive the information: an ID, a proof that the fee was paid, a standard application. Usually the required information can be obtained within 3 days from the application but if it’s an emergency, it can be issued in one day or 1 hour.

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